"You completely captivated the students' attention for the entire time you spoke...They mentioned after you left that they hadn't really considered that the kinds of things you discussed were, in fact, fraud upon the government and that such fraud could possibly cause innate harm to people in addition to increasing costs of health care or defense operations...In other words, you'd have won the Oscar for Guest Lecturer if there were such a thing!"

Cecily Raiborn, PhD, CPA, CMA, CFE
McCoy Endowed Chair in Accounting
Texas State University  

A Law Practice Built on Successful Personal Experience

Century City Legal Eagle, Mychal Wilson soars when it comes to freedom of expression and creativity. He fights for this right professionally as a lawyer and personally as an actor/producer. His entire life has been devoted to this principle, and along with this freedom comes the creativity and the responsibility that encompasses such virtues.

Qui Tam Law "Whistleblower"

Currently, as a relator and a Qui Tam attorney, Mychal has assisted Federal and State governments and agencies in the recovery of over $535 Million in American taxpayer dollars.

As a relator (a private person), under the False Claims Act, Mychal utilized his Capitol Hill upbringing, courage and savvy legal skills to become a key "Whistleblower" against his former employer Bristol-Myers Squibb ("BMS"). Mychal worked closely with the United States Department of Justice ("DOJ"), and in September 2007, the DOJ announced an astounding $515M settlement with BMS to resolve allegations of illegal drug marketing and pricing. "Bristol-Myers Squibb behaved egregiously," said Charles Siegel, WK partner and lead counsel. "Here's a Fortune 500 company that sought to increase its market share and improve its bottom line at the expense of taxpayers and the neediest of patients. We applaud Mychal for his courage and tenacity to come forward and do the right thing. It was a privilege to be part of this case." 

Currently, Mychal is writing his big pharma industry memoir titled: Pharma Chronicles: Drugs, Money & Sex 

In December 2011, as co-counsel with "Super Lawyer" Brooks Cutter, one of Mychal's Qui Tam cases involving giant medical device company Medtronic settled with the United States Justice Department for $23.5 million...

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Entertainment Law

Currently, Mychal represents "Going Deep" which is a reality series based on the race into the abyss (Mariana Trench) competing against Avatar director James Cameron, Virgin's Richard Branson and the Chinese government.

Prior to becoming a member of The State Bar of California, Mychal Wilson was a member of the Screen Actors Guild and appeared in national commercials and on television.

Coupled with with prior acting/producing experience and legal experience at Miramax Film Corp. and the Independent Film & Television Alliance (I.F.T.A.), Mychal pioneered SBA funding for feature film financing. The immense public support influenced the U.S. Congress to support a SBA Pilot Film Financing Program in an effort to stem the "Runaway Production" phenomenon. "The Gristle" (in which Mychal stars/produced) aired on HBO, Cinemax, Starz! and is distributed on Video/DVD by Warner Home Video.

Now, as an experienced dealmaker, Mychal handles transactional matters for clients which include established and start-up companies; privately-held companies; film and television investors; production and distribution companies and individual artists such as actors, writers, producers, directors, musicians and performers. Mychal also counsels and advises on digital technology and new media projects.

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